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Students' Union Government postpones elections.

In response to the evolving circumstances, the Student Union Government (SUG) at Adecom College has taken a thoughtful decision to postpone the imminent elections, demonstrating our commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring a fair, transparent, and inclusive electoral process. This postponement, undertaken in the interest of the student body, is a strategic move aimed at enhancing the integrity of the electoral process and fostering an environment where every voice is heard.

We extend our appreciation to the student body for your understanding and cooperation during this period of adjustment. Rest assured, the SUG is actively working to reschedule the elections, providing a platform for each student to actively participate in shaping the future leadership of our student government. This decision reflects our dedication to democratic values, and we encourage each student to stay engaged, informed, and involved in the rescheduled electoral process. At Adecom College, we believe in empowering our students not just academically but also in their role as active contributors to a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

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